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FR Seol Gang
Vigorous growing leaves in deep purple-red with green mid rib. Thick, tender, and spicy leaves with excellent flavor. Good for cooking and pickling. Very popular mustard Kimch in Korea.
Squash JS 707
Green serrated leaves. Mild pungent with good flavor. Used for pickling and salad.
Squash GT 708
Korean special leaf mustard for Kimchi. Can be harvested in 35~40 days in summer and 60~70 days in autumn~winter after sowing. Excellent flavor and good taste with mild pungency.
Gratting Clip
Large savory leaves of dark purplish red with white mid-rib. Thick, tender and good flavored leaves with flavored mustard pungency. Slow bolting and eat tolerance. The leaf colour will be greenish red in hot summer season.
FR Seo Tae Ja
Good at graft compatibility and resistant to disease. Regular germination percentage and high germination rate. Excellent in low temperature.
Hybrid Squash C.B F1
Hybrid Squash C.B is the F1 Shintoza line. This variety can be grafted easily as the best combination. This C.B F1 can be used for Melon, Watermelon due to strong resistance Fusarium wilt race 1-2. And it shows the good tolerance to cold and hot season growing and has the sound roots with vigorous plants. This variety can eat all available fertilizer. Therefore please don t input too much Nitrogen and do treat additional fertilizing. There are some abnormal fruit setting if the plant is too much healthy.
Hybrid Gourd G.S F1
This hybrid gourd G.S F1 shows the best role even in the low temperature weather condition. It can be grown well even in the winter growing. The germination power is good and even. The seedling grows equally as the best purity. The grafting operation is easy because the node and stem is short. This variety can help watermelon for the best quality. The plant habit is vigorous and grows well in the cold condition. Please control the temperature more lower degree comparing with other varieties.
Squash H.H
The best combination! Good for early growing. Very easily grafted with Melon and Oriental Cantaloupe. This variety is not 50 vigorous like Shintoza. Therefore the fruitsetting can be done easily and the good quality of fruit can be harvested. The grafting operation is easy due to the short stem. This variety is not so good in too much low and high temperature growing season.
Gourd FR J.C
Very easy grafting! Wide growing period adaptation! This variety shows very strong resistance to Fusarium race 1-2. Works very well even in all year round and every year watermelon growing area. The roots are very strong and thick. The short node and thick stem is giving the benefit to speed grafting operation as the best combination. This variety can be adapted in low and high temperature condition. Please do the heavy fertilizing.
Heuk Jong
Excellent growth ability at low temperature. Tolerant to disease especially fusarium wilt. High rooting ability. Can be harvested high quality cucumber using this good affinitive rootstock.